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Australian Democracy Threat

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Australian Democracy Threat
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Australian Democracy Threat
Press Release
24th March 2006
Australia is not currently functioning with democratic values as western/christian writers, journalists, documentary makers, researchers, and academics are being harrassed, intimidated, and threatened for producing Intellectual Property that critiques the federal government. It's coming from sections of the Howard government, particularly from officers of the Federal Attorney Generals Department, Philip Ruddock's office, especially under former federal Attorney General, Williams.
Censorship and intimidation to freedom of speech and expression are becoming normal practices as the SBS Dateline transcript demonstrates. The justification for this is under the guise of 'national security', the Howard government's recent laws giving powers to ASIO to detain Australians without consent or warrants, and even threatening them with jail terms for not co-operating.
Either Australian voters can vote for more of the same at the next election, or they can vote for change, to restore the democratic values of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to dissent.
One incident involved the physical destruction of personal computer property with a sledgehammer, and threatening writers and documentary makers with jail terms for producing Intellectual Property; Carmel Travers.
Every Australian should be very concerned about this and vote this dishonest, corrupt, and bullying government last on the ballot paper at the next federal election.
Because of this intimidation, Australia needs to consider developing a Bill of Rights to protect writers, journalists, and others who produce Intellectual Property and promote freedom of speech.

SBS Dateline Transcript 'SledgeHammer Politics'

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