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Australian Democracy Threat
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Australian National Curriculum

History Curriculum Changes Australian and World History

25th October 2011

Federal Labor, through ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority) appears determined to destroy the values and culture of our nation, and the Christian Faith, through the Australian National Curriculum.

In general, the Australian National Curriculum is a very sound framework of education, however recently, Professor Stuart MacIntyre, an ex communist, completed the History Curriculum, and has altered BC (Before Christ) and AD (After Death) to BCE (Before Common Era) and BP (Before Present), with the intention of writing Christ out of history in primary and secondary education schools throughout Australia.

The History Curriculum is to be implemented with Phase 1 subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, and History.

Corruption of the History Curriculum is surreptitious and insidious, and more threatening than anything we've seen in education contexts; within 20 years the historical and modern values of our nation will be largely destroyed, if this curriculum is not reversed and restored.

In addition, there is no framework of values education in the Australian National Curriculum. There is the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools developed 2005, (Brendan Nelson), however this framework is not a formal part of the National Curriculum, so there is no requirement, at all, to teach values education.

I'm fed up, on both sides, with the continuing disempowerment of classroom teachers, the political and bureaucratic destruction of the authority and status of teaching, the teaching-learning process, starving our classrooms of resources, destroying our education system, and the enormous detrimental effect it has on our community and society.

Australian Citizens First
21st February 2011
The ongoing political, religious, and human displacement turmoil permeating throughout the Middle East will continue to negatively affect Australians, as long as our federal atheist socialists to the left remain ignorant of and oblivious to certain theological and values understandings in our nation. Unfortunately, ignorant communists to the left, blinded with detrimental values and rhetoric, increase our nations security risk.

Australia has a distinctly Christian heritage.
Notwithstanding the unfortunate circumstance women and aboriginal people excluded, in the 1901 Census, 96.1% of Australians identified with the Christian faith, regressing to still a majority 68% in the 2001 Census, 100 years later. In the 2006 Census the figure is still a majority 64%. The current relaxed policy of allowing and therefore encouraging people from the middle east to journey to Australia illegally, is tremendously problematic for the values of our nation, in terms of religious impact, also in terms of the general cultural and values history of Australians. In addition, the health and safety impacts on Australians, and the enormous costs to tax payers for detainment, processing, living costs, health services, relocation costs, rioting and violence, etc, of people arriving illegally, is ongoing and problematic. These people are coming here illegally.
The upsetting issue is, our church has up to a dozen homeless people every week turning up to church, including Aboriginal people who are our first Australians. These are Australian citizens turning up to our church, homeless, and it is a big issue throughout our nation that Australian citizens do not have access to basic shelter, let alone additional care. 
In the face of globalist pressures, every politician in Australia, has a first and foremost responsibility to Australian citizens, whether at home or abroad. That is why they are elected, and they are going to be held to account for that by a holy and sovereign God, who will judge each of us according to what we do and say in life, including our current openly atheist Prime Minister. Why are we having record levels of natural disasters impacting Australia? Even though too many Australian politicians and citizens now will not consider it, investigating biblical theological perspectives to that question, will produce informed thorough answers.

Our first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, in 1907, delivered a passionate speech setting the precedence for the enduring Australian values that characterises the patriotism in defining what it means to be Australian. Many of us continue to sacrifice and articulate to ensure Australian values first, before all others. 

Sir Edmund Barton's Speech (1907): "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant [not illegal immigrant] who comes here in good faith becomes an Australian and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an Australian, and nothing but an Australian. There can be no divided allegance here. Any man who says he is an Australian, but something else also, isn't an Australian at all. We have room for but one flag, the Australian flag. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, and we have room for but one sole loyalty, and that is a loyalty to the Australian people."

I was born in our country, so I have the right to say if you come here illegally and don't respect the Australian values and heritage of our nation, you should be required to go back to where you came from.

Developing Our Gifts and Talents
14th January 2011
Pray for our fellow Australians suffering in flood affected regions. We love you, our compassion is yours.
God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out when you have faith that God is speaking through you. If your gift is that of serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, do a good job of teaching. If your gift is to encourage others, do it. If you have money, share it generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly :-)
(Romans 12:6-8, NLT)
The Rise of the Anti-Christ
The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ
1st February 2009 (updated)
Life, permeates a cosmological battle between God and Satan, with Jesus on one team, and the anti-Christ on the other. All humans will drift into either team, either by choice or by force.
There are significant, logical, and straight forward teachings in the New Testament stipulating Jesus is returning to our earth. Judging by world events and the strategies of anti-Christ influences, his return may very well happen in our lifetime.
Regarding Christ's return, detailed teachings are given throughout the Old Testament, especially Daniel, and in the New Testament, the Synoptic Gospels Mathew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, 1 Corinthians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and especially, Revelation.
The current Global Economic Crisis (GFC) is a typical anti-Christ strategy as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and major international banking corporations draw funding from national economies, creating personal and national debt. The IMF, World Bank, and International Banks, control the world's economy and money supply. The GFC is a transfer of wealth from national and personal economies to the IMF and World Bank. In effect, this economic transfer of wealth is stealing. Such strategies endeavour to enslave humanity through 'economic control', the 'love of money'. The world is increasingly moving towards the economic, political, legal, technological, and religious control of personal human freedoms.
This first GFC is a pre-cursor to further contrived 'GFC's in the future, in order to justify introduction of a 'global currency'. You didn't 'lose' your money in the GFC, it was stolen from you in a transfer of wealth to the IMF and World Bank.
January 2012, the IMF and World Bank claims it requires more funding to save Europe from debt crisis, however it is lying, as it already controls the world's economy and money supply. The Gillard government is giving $6+ Billion of Australian tax payers money to the IMF, we will never see that money again. Gillard is simply 'feeding' the beast, is an ignorant atheist destroying our economy, and should not be leading our nation. Unfortunately, the alternative (Abbot) is not any better. Australian tax payers money cannot be given to the IMF, as they cannot be trusted.
In particular, these are steps towards a 'Global Economy', in addition to anti-Christ strategies of 'Global Governance' and Global Religion'. Other terms used to describe these strategies are 'One World Political, Economic, and Religious System', and 'New World Order'. Globalisation developments engage a vision for global political and economic governance and control over humanity.
Concerning is the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, talking openly publically and politically promoting the 'New World Order'. Until now, the other significant western political leader to promote it was George Bush Senior.
However, the anti-Christ 'man' will come out of the European Union, probably the Soviet Union (north of Israel). Through the United Nations the anti-Christ will endeavour to control humanity through political, economic, and religious organisations.
Our Australian politicians and teachers require proper theological understanding of these conceptions in order to provide effective leadership with Christian world views. The primary strategy of anti-Christ forces is deception, having the greatest possible negative impact on teachers and politicians.
Deception causes ignorance, destroys the effective power of the teaching-learning process, and causes leaders to govern with limited understanding of how our world actually functions. These are primary reasons why the New Testament should be studied in all Australian education centres, to develop transforming education, to increase theological understanding, limiting deception and ignorance. Secular and atheist education creates ignorance, deception, inequality, and injustice.
Through deception, humanity will be forced to wear the anti-Christ's mark of the beast, 666, on their right hand or forehead, so that no one can buy or sell goods unless they have the mark (Rev 13:15-18). Eventually, humans won't be able to buy food from commercial centres, unless they have this mark.
Christians, however, are to resist receiving this mark, as they belong to Jesus Christ. In addition, there is significant scriptural evidence in the New Testament that Christians will be living during this time. There is little scriptural evidence (if any) that we will be 'raptured' before the time of the anti-Christ's tribulation.
A seven (7) year tribulation period will commence with the anti-Christ signing a false 'peace treaty' with Israel, re-building the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and a deceptive series of miraculous events. Unless educated, people will accept this, as it will happen at a time when the world has suffered a series of wars, and it will be presented as a process of 'peace and security' for humanity. In the middle of this 7 years, the anti-Christ will reveal his true nature (human incarnate of Satan), and will engage in terror and slavery, forcing people to receive his mark and worship him, or be put to death. The anti-Christ's desire is to control humans and be worshipped, in the same manner that God has destined Jesus Christ to be worshipped. Humans will either choose one or the other.
Significant reasons exist to be ready and prepared for possible persecution by anti-Christ people, as it already happens in many countries, including to an extent in Australia. The consecration of our nation to God in heaven and Jesus Christ His Son, in depth understanding of world political and economic factors, and an Australian bill of rights, will assist Christians in this regard.
What I'm explaining may seem concerning to many Australians, however it is important we try to understand these teachings, rather than ignore them and remain ignorant. I'm explaining this out of genuine concern for the people of our nation. Jesus taught, in the last days people will turn away from the Christian faith, on account of deception and also not understanding who in reality is causing their hardship and suffering (satan). So don't turn away from Christ, be strong, and stand together.
Essentially, everything written about in the bible will eventuate, we cannot change that. We can be aware and prepared, teach and govern with diligence, ensuring the Australian people are compassionately working and caring for one another in a healthy and safe manner that ensures our well-being as a society, and ensures our personal freedoms.
Very fortunately, we live in Australia and will not suffer as much as other Christians in other nations, as we are geographically far from Israel. We need to continue to articulate and write for righteousness and justice, and to pray, so Christ will shine in our lives and our nation. The theological choices of our Australian teachers, politicians, and citizens, will determine our personal, social, and economic freedoms. Our choice, our freedom.
Jesus will eventually return and 'rapture' us up to Him, and will destroy with the splendor of his coming all those (including the anti-Christ) who have rejected God and His Son, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, worshipped Satan and received his 666 mark.
You can study these teachings in the NT yourselves. The study of this area of theology is termed eschatology, apocalyptic eschatology, or biblical end times prophecy. I am committed to publishing a significant contribution to eschatology literature before the end of my life.
Lord Bless Our Nation 
28th April 2008

The change in federal government has been good for Australia. It is very important for voters to discipline leaders when they do not serve with integrity.

Applying the leadership and economic principles of the New Testament, a politician is required to serve citizens with integrity, primarily in three areas; legislation, fiscal, and monetary policy.

Legislation that serves the best interests of the majority of citizens.

Fiscal Policy that provides a simple, sound and fair taxation system, and spends ALL of those taxes on primarily essential services; education, health, law-enforcement.

Monetary Policy that seeks to restrain the effects of globalisation and the corporate world. The politicians are able to use the power of the parliament (through legislation) to 'control' the Reserve Bank and the corporate world, however rarely do. The reason this is important in todays world is because it's the 'love of money' that is the source of all kinds of evil.

Historically, prime ministers of the past have applied economic principals based on biblical principals, such as the 'Protectionist' prime minister, Alfred Deakin...with excellent results for Australian Industries.

One of Kevin Rudd's admirers is Detrich Bonhoefer, a german christian teacher/writer during the 2nd world war. Bonhoefer preached against Hitler and the Nazis in Germany, was imprisoned and eventually executed in custody.

Please pray for Kevin Rudd and his ministers that they serve Australia with legislative, fiscal, and monetary integrity. Pray also they gain an understanding of these important principles and issues.

Politicians Failed Education
Press Release
19th August 2007
I am a teacher and have been for the duration John Howard has been Prime Minister.
The federal and state parliaments of Australia, have failed teachers and the education system. Every politician in our federal and state parliament, especially the Prime Minister, the Premiers, and the Education Minister's are responsible for the decline in the Teaching Profession and for the decline in Education in Australia. There are many politicians in our parliaments, who were teachers before entering the parliament, yet they have not introduced or passed any laws to restore the Teaching Profession and standards in education. Indeed they have led it to decline. This is a serious issue that needs to be brought to account.
Howard's government cut funding to Teriary Education in it's first term by half a billion dollars, and cut the number of Medical places in Australian Universities by half, from 800 to 400, thus creating a shortage of Australian Doctors. His government and state parliaments, have collected record levels of taxation from the Australian people over the past 10 years, yet have starved our schools and hospitals of funding. Every teacher, doctor, and nurse in Australia knows this, and has experienced this first hand.
Tonight on the radio Howard and Rudd are addressing the church. The church must remember that these politicians have already failed, as they have already had 10 years of governance and neglect, creating huge problems for our nation, especially in the areas of education, health, law enforcement, skills shortage, housing shortage, and class division. For over 10 years they have denied the Gospel in schools their words are meaningless.
It is too late and they should all be voted out.
Change Our Representatives
Press Release
14th May 2007
After more than 10 years of rule, John Howard and his politicians have well and truely become deaf political representatives of the people.
The Australian people have lost their voice, and it is over-due we discipline these corrupt politicians. Even if you don't agree with the alternatives, it's important to discipline politicians in power who have proven corruption. It is a minimum requirement in order for a democratic nation to retain some of its integrity. Without it, we have none, and very sadly we, Australia, scarely live in a democracy anymore.
Bring on the 2007 Federal Election, for over-due and welcome change!

Values Not Money
Press Release
29th September 2006
Recent announcements by John Howard to increase superannuation and salaries of politicians to attract 'quality people' into politics is just another slap in the face for Australian workers, voters, and tax-payers.
I think we've all had a gut full of self-serving politicians in Australia, both at federal and state level.
Many of our politicians, including Mr Howard, have proven their corruption, by serving almost exclusively the minority business and corporate community, while allowing the rest of us tax-payers to struggle along and suffer for many years now.
The New Testament is clear that it's the love of money that is the source of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy), and I believe this is particularly true of the majority of our politicians and corporate sector.
Human, policy, and rhetorical value on life, relationships, working conditions etc, in our society, is what we require of our politicians, not greed, self-serving, money focused politicians with no vision, no values, and no true leadership.

Smart Teachers Left
Press Release
1st September 2006
Recent announcements by certain media groups that Australia's teachers are not smart enough is another kick in the guts for the dedication of the teaching profession.
My professional and factual opinion as a teacher for 10 years is that most of the smart teachers left the profession of teaching, a long time ago.
Why? Poor salary, poor conditions, lack of respect from the community, parents and politicians, and students.
The only public servants in our society who are not smart are the politicans! Why? Lack of vision and integrity to value, honour, and support critical public servants in our society such as teachers, nurses, and police.
Smart politicans value and uphold education, both in tax funding and rhetoric, and clearly our politicians have failed to do this for 10 years now.

Greedy Banks
Press Release
20th May 2006
Australian Banks have announced $90.25 billion profit in the past financial year from the collection of fees alone from Australian consumers.
This is a disgrace and further evidence that the Howard government favours rich banks and multi-national companies to the detriment of Australian individuals and families.
The United Kingdom politicians protect English consumers through legislation that restricts banks capacity to charge fees on operating and other accounts.
Australian politicians have failed the Australian public in this area and need to introduce tougher legislation to protect consumers from the greed of our banks over many years now. Will they do it? The current politicians have proven by their record that they won't.
OBE Good For Christian Community
Press Release
14th May 2006
Special thanks to Sonshine FM radio for broadcasting their 8pm Celebration News today featuring my testimony regarding WA's Curriculum Framework and Outcomes Based Education.
The implementation of OBE and The Curriculum Framework is in the Christian community's best interests as the framework promotes spiritual and religious teachings 30 times;
  • 3 out of the 5 Core Values, 5 times in Core Values
  • 4 times in Overarching Learning Outcomes, Principles, and Early Childhood Phases of Development
  • 5 out of the 8 Learning Areas, including
  • 3 in The Arts
  • 5 in Health and Phys Ed
  • once each in Maths and English
  • 11 in Society and Environment, including the promotion of Australia's Christian Heritage on page 277 of the framework.

Indeed, the Curriculum Framework of WA provides an excellent opportunity, and the best opportunity, for the Gospel to be re-introduced into all Western Australian primary and secondary schools, including public schools.

Get The Facts Leaders
Press Release
6th May 2006
On Sunday 30th April, 8pm, Sonshine FM radio broadcast a news report where Gerard Goiran, the President of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) made a statement that the Curriculum Framework -OBE - was not good for WA, as students would not learn about Australia's Christian heritage.
However his comments are inaccurate, as OBE is an outstanding framework of education that does make provision for the teaching of Australia's Christian heritage as page 277 states, under Society and Environment, "Heritage transmission will be a major focus. This includes the beliefs, institutions and practices that endure over time within societies and are influential across societies. Examples include significant beliefs and practices of Aboriginal people and European elements of heritage in Australia including Christianity, civil rights, constitutional monarchy, federalism, the parliamentary system, law, free enterprise, and unionism."
The research presented in my book, Spiritual Education and the Curriculum Framework, proves that Christian education can be encouraged and implemented in the WA and Australian education systems, including public education, under the Framework.
Julie Bishops attack, reported in the The West Australian, Saturday May 6th, on the way the Western Australian OBE was being implemented and her attack on it's outstanding quality, is nothing but the fault of the politicians themselves and top education bureaucrats, due to lack of resource funding and support for teachers in the classroom and it's implemention in schools and the classroom, and lack of vision and understanding regarding the framework's potential.
Mr Goiran needs to listen to Christian researchers and educators such as myself, and not the voices of John Howard and Julie Bishop, who are not Christian politicians and don't know they are talking about.
In regards to this issue, such comments mislead the Christian community who become uninformed as to the true potential that the WA Curriculum Framework has in increasing Christian education in all WA schools, including public schools, as well as other areas of learning, thus making it an outstanding Framework of education not only for WA, but for Australia in general. 

WA OBE Not 'GobbleDeGook' or 'Dumbing Down'
Presss Release
1st May 2006
I was a physical education teacher for 10 years and loved my job. However I have had enough and have just resigned this easter.
I am disgusted at John Howard's comments as he has rarely taken an interest in public education for most of his Prime Ministership. In fact, the entire time he has been Prime Minister is the same 10 years I have served as a teacher.

The public needs to know that in his first term of office, Mr Howard cut funding to tertiary education by $623 million. He also in his first term, completely axed a critical funding program know as PSP (Priority Schools Program) to the poorest public schools in Australia.
The Howard government now collects over $200 billion in tax revenue (with an $11 billion surplus)per annum and only 7% goes to education. There's been no significant increase in funding to Australian public schools, where 70% of our children go, in the past 10 years.

The highest levels of each of the 8 learning areas in the WA Curriculum Framework (OBE) is level 8. If your child is operating at level 8 in Physical Education, for example, your child will be going to the commonwealth games or the olympics, or playing elite level sport. If your child is operating at level 8 in English they are, for example, writing books and critically reading a variety of texts. If your child is operating at level 8 in mathematics, science or technology and enterprise they are, for example, designing, creating and running a small business. These are not small achievements.
There is also great provision for The Gospel, that is Christian education, to be brought back to public schools, through the Curriculum Framework of WA, as the research in my first book, Spiritual Education and the Curriculum Framework, proves. The Lord gave me a great vision about this in prayer, on 20th July 1998.
The problem is and has always been, that state and federal politicians have failed to appropriately fund the OBE, it's implementation in the classroom and schools, and have failed to fund it's education responsibility of communicating the OBE to parents.

Teachers did not solely design the OBE. Many interests groups including parents, business and industry were invloved. It was brought through by law, through the parliament of WA under Colin Barnett as Minister for education. Most politicians, and parents for that matter, including Mr Howard, would not last more than 5 minutes in most public school classrooms today because of the very high stress of educating today's youth. Teachers have left the profession in droves, especially experienced teachers. The average length of professional practice as a teacher of new graduates, is now only 3 years, because they get burnt out or dissolutioned.

The Curriculum Framework of WA is an outstanding framework of education. John Howard, and other politicians should play their part and increase funding to the classroom where support for teachers and more resourcing is desperately needed for it's full implementation.

Teaching is the most important job in our nation, and it is also the most difficult and demanding. Thousands of teachers have left the profession because of lack of support, stress, high demands and constant criticism. I won't teach anymore for these reasons.

As the leader of our nation Mr Howard has to take much responsibility for the state of public education in Australia. He's the one with the tax dollars to make the difference. Stop starving the schools and classroom of funding and support. Help and encourage teachers. Many public schools have already gone into crisis. Stop blaming teachers, it's the politicians who are to blame.
Calling all Teachers and Educators, and Health Professionals....
Press Release
7th April 2006
Teresa van Lieshout, a teacher for 10 years, is calling for the support of all teachers and educators around Australia to publish concerns regarding Australia's Education System. Education must be the major focus again in Australian parliaments and our nation for significant reasons. A limited educated society increases unemployment, individual poverty, family poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, and limited social and financial opportunities. This in turn creates an enormous economic burden for industry and the Australian tax-payer/worker.
Both Liberal and Labor politicians have seriously neglected education in Australia for 10 long years, with disasterous consequences, including:
  • Tertiary education which had it's budget cut by over $500 million in Howard's first term, and has never really recovered.
  • Public education, which is in crisis in Australia.
  • Priority School Funding (PSP) for poor government schools also completely axed by the Howard government in their 1st term.
  • High teacher attrition and stress, harming the profession of teaching and education provided in primary and secondary schools. Experienced teachers have left and new graduates last about 3 years before moving on.
  • The lack of support, respect and authority for teachers in the classroom.
  • The lack of resources for teachers in the classroom; teachers around the nation often bear the economic cost of resources from their their own income.
  • Trades skills shortage, and the lack of re-training programs for the unemployed, under-employed, and elderly redundant workers.
  • The poverty gap developing in Australia; too many children often have no uniform, lunch, pens, paper, and books, and the strain this places on teachers and school staff.

I think it's an absolute disgrace the Howard government now collects over $200 billion in tax revenue and invests only 7% in education nationally. It also this financial year will collect an $11 billion budget or tax surplus, and none of it is going to education or health.

The WA Labor government last financial year collected a $700 million dollar budget surplus, and none of it goes to education.

These politicians have had 10 years to improve education and health and they have seriously failed. There's no point having industrial relations changes and free trade agreements with no investment in education and training for Australians to match the economic expansion. Besides, economic growth in Australia is largely the result of foreign investment which has only destroyed Australian industries and created record foreign debt and trade deficit.

They've destroyed our industries and education system in 10 years, and there's no indication that the situation will improve under current politicians. It's time to stand up educators and get political for Australia's education future! Please support the political parties that promote education as the most important public issue in our nation.

Relinquishing Morals for Economics
Press Release
6th April 2006
One must question the Howard government's motive for pursuing exporting uranium to China. Money and economics is blinding them to the fact that China is still communist. Its human rights abuses against the peaceful Falun Gong are evident, yet Australian federal politicians are choosing to ignore that for the sake of economic gain.
One must also question Howard's bullying comments to Papua New Guinea, stating they should submit themselves to the authority of the Indonesian government. Again, blindly choosing to ignore the fact that Indonesia is largely Islamic and not a proporter of true freedom and democratic values. The same can be said for Australia's political support for Chinese dominance over Taiwan.
Our Australian federal politicians are abrogating their responsibilities to promote free nations and people. They are in fact supporting larger nations oppression of smaller ones. This is because they have become 'globalist' politicians and have failed to promote the dignity of all human life.

Commonwealth Games - Go Aussies!
Press Release
17th March 2006
As a Sport Teacher, I'd like to wish all our Aussie athletes the best of luck and say go for Gold! Fantastic to see all the athletes competing. The only sad thing I can see is that there are few, if any, Aboriginal athletes. And as someone who's passionate about teaching sport to Aboriginal children, I think it's sad. Let's honour our first Australians hey, train them up and give them a go!
Dinner with the Dictator!
Press Release
March 10th, 2006
Far be it from me to complain about our honest, sincere, compassionate, and democratic Prime Minister having dinner with his rich mates, to celebrate 10 years of ethical government.
700 supporters and business figures dined with the dictator in Canberra March 1st. I would have gone except it cost $10,000 a table, that's about one fifth of my annual income. Count me in as Australia's 3 million poor, even as a teacher for 10 years.
Then there was another dinner in Sydney, about 1000 people, same price. Thought about holding a fund raising event to get a table, tho decided to buy 10 tables instead, donate them to the homeless.
Then Costello organised a Melbourne dinner; a small coterie of well-heeled business executives, including Telstra's Sol Trujillo, Transurban's Kim Edwards and NAB managing director John Stewart, paid $10,000 each to dine with his royal highnesses Howard and Costello. I would have attended except I was busy paying my exorbitant Telstra and Bank fees bills, analysing if is was more cost effective to drive my car or take the train to work the next day, and my money tree was undergoing osteopathy.
Well that's 3 special dinners boys; Im so sorry i couldn't make it, decided to stay home and watch a film about Mother Teresa feeding and housing the poor, reflecting on how Christ was born in a stable. Maybe next time.
Apparently, as if a $11billion budget surplus, and tax-payers paying for political advertising isn't enough, the Howard government was expecting to raise about $500,000 from corporate Australia at the dinners, to keep proping up their dictatorship.
Then Howard had the temerity to claim on radio last week that he identified with the poor in Australia. Well some of us are smarter than you Mr Howard, because we know that your policies have increased the gap between rich and poor in Australia, and now probably over 3 million people (including the children of the poor) are in that category.
Does that mean 1,700 people in Australia who can afford to dine with you have become very rich and the rest of us are poor? I think you would look great in a Mother Teresa outfit!
And please give it a rest about building Australia's economy because some us know that you have destroyed many of Australia's industries, neglected education and health for 10 years, particularly TAFE and public education. You have created,
  • $1.4 trillion domestic debt,
  • Net International Investment Debt of $560 billion, consisting of $473 billion Foreign Debt and $87 billion Net Equity debt.
  • A further rise of 6% of current account trade deficit to $14.4 billion.

And now you have started attacking the wages of working Australians, and therefore living standards, to try to fix this problem you've created.

I could go on, but I won't. Knowing how democratic you and your colleagues aren't, you'll probably try and silence me somehow.

And some of my fellow christians, well done for propping up this unethical leader. Well done for believing the lies. Well done for supporting what this nation should never have become. Turned from the light of Christ to the darkness of hell. Well done.
It's human life that matters, not money.
Australia Needs Tax Reform

Press Release

18th December 2005

Former treasury official, Greg Smith, announced to a forum on tax reform run by the Australian Tax Research Foundation, "of the $47 billion in underlying budget surpluses accumulated since 1996, $39 billion or 83% came from taxes collected by super funds."

He also declared that Australia is one of the very few countries to tax superannuation funds on earnings and contributions, which essentially transfers private to public savings, substantially neutralising the national economic benefits of running a budget surplus.

In other words, the Howard government’s accumulated surpluses are largely a transfer of private savings to public savings, and savings that haven’t even yet been spent to the benefit of Australian tax-payers, in the form of education or health.

Last week’s Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook statement forecast’s a 2005-06 federal budget surplus of $11.5 billion, $2.6 billion more than in the May budget.

The practice of running federal and state budget surpluses, by both Liberal and Labor politicians, is an immoral fiscal practice. "Any nation that taxes the public more than it spends is essentially running like a business and making profits off the people. The tax-payer is supposed to be the employer, however the Howard government lord’s it over the people and behaves like the workers they seek to destroy in their industrial relations onslaught, as they continually cut off the hand that feeds them," says Teresa van Lieshout.

"As their employers, the tax-payers and voters of Australia should sack the Howard government at the next federal election, because for years they have been over-taxing them, essentially making profits off the people," says the teacher.

Tax reform is a larger issue than over-taxing super funds. 54% of federal tax revenue comes from individual incomes, and here’s were real reform is required. A fairer more equitable taxation system administered through the banking industry is required, with a sharp reduction in both PAYG tax and tax on superannuation and personal assets. Heavily taxing governments and profiteering banks have enslaved the Australian people for decades. We require reform; equity and probity.

"We are a people enslaved in taxation. All workers, regardless of income, deserve to retain more of their salary. At the very least we requrie cuts in personal income tax, as this is where families and individuals are hardest hit," says the Candidate.

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 Australia’s Identity Crisis

Press Release

20th December 2005

Australia is experiencing an identity crisis and the recent riots in Sydney is evidence of this.

"The push for Australia as ‘multicultural’ is a nothing identity. Multi-culturalism as a national identity has never worked in any other nation, it hasn’t worked in Australia, and it will never work," says, Teresa van Lieshout.

"I love all cultures and find all cultures very interesting. But to develop ‘multi-culturalism’ as a national identity is not very practical or even possible to achieve."

"What we need is to develop is a set of Australian values which we all live by, and I think the traditional values of Australia – "a fair go for all, mate-ship, compassion, hard work, and prosperity" are great values to retain and persist with."

"But above all, we need to identify as Australian, irrespective of cultural background. For foreign groups to come to Australia and push their own religious identity and values to the exclusion of Australian values, and our leaders to allow it, is counter-productive to developing an Australian identity where our traditional values continue to flourish."

"For those who love Australia, I call to pray for our traditional values to shine through, so that we can develop as a nation free of violence and racism."

"My parents migrated from the Netherlands after the second world war and assimilated in their new country with enthusiasm and love. They largely gave up their Dutch citizenship and heritage for Australian identity, even deciding to speak English in their home, so that all 9 of us children would grow up with the values and culture of the nation of our birth - Australia. Even as migrants, my parents are true Australians because they embraced the culture and values of Australia. I am so proud of my parents – they are true Aussies and have instilled in us lasting and altruistic values that are typical of all true Australians."

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Slaves to Foreign Masters

Press Release

23rd December 2005

Australia has become a nation enslaved to foreign masters.

After three generations of family ownership, WA’s biggest meat processor, EG Green, is due to be sold to two multi-billion dollar overseas investment groups backed by a small group of local cattle farmers. This follows the recent sale of Australia’s largest dairy company to a foreign company.

More than half of the industries, companies and businesses operating in Australia are no longer owned by Australians.

This is further evidence that current politicians are not interested in protecting the sovereignty and rights of Australian citizens, business and industries, in our own nation.

"How do we expect to build this nation when our current leaders are intent on destroying it by serving international multi-national and corporate interests, before our own citizens business and company interests, or even working rights?" says, Teresa van Lieshout.

"Not only have we become slaves to foreign masters, it will begin to affect our employment and working conditions when we are forced to work for cheaper labour, with the global labour interest put before our own. The Howard government’s industrial relations changes are further evidence of this, and Australian workers will suffer along with our Australian businesses and industries."

"No other nation on earth puts that kind of pressure on its own citizens. Why should we put up with the globalist economic attitudes of Liberal and Labour politicians?"

"The value of People Power is its commitment to Australian citizens, workers, business, and industries IN OUR OWN NATION, before foreign or global interests. This is called patriotism; commitment to your own nation and its citizens is the foundation of good economics, and the prosperity of our nation socially as well as financially."

For further information view or contact Teresa (08) 9361 2319

Be an independent with your own mind, do your own thorough research...dont be fooled by spin and media advertising...