Teresa van Lieshout

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Freedom From Oppression and Cruelty

I articulate for the freedom and rights of my brother David Peter van Lieshout. I expose the corruption and cruelty against him and my family by the following four people and their supporters:
1. Vinnie Hoe (psychiatrist, Mead Centre, Armadale, WA)
2. Injustice J A Chaney (president, State Administrative Tribunal, WA)
3. Laurie Lehmann-Bybyk (public advocate)
4. Daniel Paulus (public trust)
Criminal charges have been filed with the Commissioner of Police Office against these 4 people for:
1. Continual long term drugging of David with chemical compounds, against his instructions and the instructions of the family.
2. Stealing over $64,300 of David's own money and fortnightly $536 pension, blocking David's acces to his own money, and forcing him to live on $200 a week in the hand.
3. Controlling and destroying David's life and money; cancelling his F class, HR class, and C class drivers license, denying access to his job, stealing motor vehicle keys. Forcing in slavery and oppression.
Psychiatrists are murderers, drug pushers, and thieves; they control and oppress people, force people into forms of slavery, they destroy peoples statutory human rights and the rights of their family. They engage in human rights abuses, and defamation, and their practices need to be abolished. Psychaitrists have murdered MILLIONS of people around the world over the past 2 centuries (200 years) with their 'treatments'. People who support the work of psychiatry are supporting the work of murder, torture, corruption, slavery, cruelty, and oppression.
A series of YouTube Broadcasts, providing research and evidence exposing the cruelty and corruption perpetuated against David is in the process at:
To the named four people, and their supporters:
STOP drugging my brother David with chemical compounds, criminals.
STOP controlling his life and money, return all of his money to his own control.
STOP destroying his life, return his F class, HR class, and C class licenses, and his car keys.
GET LOST, and leave my brother and our family in peace, criminals. You will rot in hell for your actions against my brother and myself, and my family of origin.

The exposure of this cruelty and corruption is pursued under an Australian 1992 High Court Ruling, promoting Freedom of Speech and Expression under sections 7 and 24, Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Also, section 13, Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003.